Parts and Performances
On this page we will offer links to recorded performances of works that we are preparing for our own concerts and, where available, links to voice parts that can be used for private practice. Some of the parts may be available in MIDI format, which can be decoded by your computer but you may need a MIDI player programme to reproduce them correctly so that your particular voice part is emphasised and the speeds are correct. One such programme is the vanBasco Karaoke Player package, which can be downloaded free from this link:  The You Tube videos of performances are to encourage you to do at least as well! NB: When listening to the MIDI files, remember that parts other than your own will be quieter. Follow the music and spot where your emphasised part enters. In the Van Basco player, individual voices can be emphasised by clicking on the appropriate button in the second column from the left.
 Midhurst Music Society (MMS) 2018 Made with Xara vanBasco vanBasco
We are experimenting with software (Apps) that will enable members with I-Pads or other Apple products to access the parts. Meanwhile, you can play these MIDI versions of the individual parts on any computer or tablet.
Recorded and emphasised voice parts for rehearsal can be purchased from Choraline
Full performance of Blackford, Mirror of Perfection, Audio only
Mirror of Perfection Mirror of Perfection
Learning new pieces
We hope to be able to prepare individual voice parts for the works to be performed at the Petersfield Musical Festival in 2020. Watch this space! Meanwhile, you might like to listen to the newest and least familiar work that we will be performing, Richard Blackford’s “Mirror of Perfection” Click on the button below.