Petersfield Musical Festival
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Our weekly practices are on Monday evenings at 7.30 for 7.45pm in the Methodist Church Hall, North Street. We will welcome new members to join us at any time. Dates of practices for special events will be announced here and on our Facebook page.
Our next Monday evening rehearsals will be 2nd and 9th March when we will continue too prepare the two works chosen for the Petersfield Musical Festival of 2020. They are “Benedicite” by Andrew Carter and “Mirror of Perfection” by Richard Blackford. MMS has performed “Benedicite” before (see Archive page). The work was performed, very successfully, with the assistance of a junior choir from Conifers school, Easebourne. We chose to perform “Mirror of Perfection” rather than more familiar works. This will be an exciting challenge for our choir, just as was “Canterbury Pilgrims” last year. The rehearsals in Petersfield will be on Friday 28th Feb (Methodist Church), Thursday 12 March (Festival Hall) and on the day of the concert, Saturday 14th March (Festival Hall). Performances of these works and some voice parts are available through links on our “Parts” page